7 August 2012,

Platypus 5 is not compatible with SQL Server 2012

As is standard with Microsoft SQL Server, backwards compatibility is only maintained for the previous two versions.  Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has compatibility modes for both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008.

Platypus 5 was released in 2004, prior to Microsoft releasing SQL Server 2005.  Due to changes that were implemented in SQL Server 2005 and above, Platypus 5 required that the compatibility level on database be set to 80 (SQL 2000).  This option is no longer available in SQL Server 2012.

Due to the changes in SQL Server 2012, customers who are using Platypus 5 should not upgrade to SQL Server 2012 prior to upgrading Platypus to Platypus 6 or higher.

Customers wishing to use Platypus 6 on SQL Server 2012 may have to contact support for updated stored procedures.  Platypus 7 has been tested and is fully compatible with SQL Server 2012.

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