29 November 2010,

Big news for Platypus users – Platypus 7 has been approved by the PCI Security council and is scheduled for a January release!

The new version of the best ISP billing solution, Platypus 7, offers a bunch of new features and enhancements that continue the longstanding Platypus tradition of helping you get billing done so you can relax.

What’s new in Platypus 7:

  • PA-DSS Compliance – Platypus 7 is fully PA-DSS Compliant to provide peace of mind to customers that their credit card data is safe.
  • Wombat Helpdesk is now included in Platypus – Wombat Helpdesk is now a standard part of Platypus and no longer available as a standalone option.  Tighter integration provides additional functionality that blurs the line between billing and customer care.  New features will include tickets on services, enhanced scheduling and more.
  • Service Based Radius Integration – Radius integrations have been updated to work with services, enforce bandwidth control, provide an easy way to redirect users to a captive portal for payment and manage user attributes.
  • Service Addresses – Services can now have service addresses attached for better location reporting.
  • Web Interface Update – Updated look and feel for Customer and Staff Interfaces
  • Many minor bug fixes and enhancements

Looking to the future, we’ll be rolling out more frequent releases (especially around the wireless ISP market) to Platypus 7 on a regular basis rather than doing bundled releases.

New License Tiers

Along with the release of Platypus 7 comes a restructuring of Platypus license tiers. Previously, Platypus license tiers were fairly widely spaced with one thousand, five thousand and ten thousand-account levels. However, looking at our customer base, we’ve decided to create additional tiers to better address the needs of smaller ISPs. We’re even adding a new free tier for customers who have less than 100 accounts.

New Price – Effective January 1st, 2011

Unfortunately, along with the new tiers comes an increase in price. While we don’t like to raise prices, as evidenced by the fact that we haven’t had a price increase in the last five years, we worked hard to reduce the impact. While our prices are increasing incrementally across the board, it is important to note that with new tier levels and the inclusion of Wombat Helpdesk in the standard package, Platypus continues to provide exceptional value for your money.

An updated pricing chart is published on our website at https://ispbilling.com/products/pricing.php

We’re excited about the release of Platypus 7. For more information on how to upgrade, feel free to give us a call at 888-PLATYPUS (888-752-8978) / 662-324-5816 or email us at platypus@tucows.com


Grant Spradling

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