13 January 2012,

The wait is over. The new web interface is here!

We have redesigned the Platypus 7 Web Interface to make it easier to use, more intuitive for your customers and easier to customize.

Customers now see a dashboard view upon login which shows their recent invoices and payments at a glance as well as usage information when used with RADIUS. Rates, services and billing information management has been streamlined as well as overall navigation.

Staff members will notice a revamped help desk interface that allows them to quickly respond to tickets, just as within the client. We have also improved the performance for customers with a large number of rates, making the drill down on rates easier to understand and navigate.

Backend improvements such as partial stylesheet replacements and easy color changes are now in place as well as a standard customization layer, ensuring that your changes aren’t lost between point releases. JQuery is now utilized to give the interface a more modern feel.

Overall, the new release gives us a much improved base on which to build our web interface and should allow for easier changes and customizations.

We hope you enjoy the new look! Navigate to the support section to download it today.

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