Your billing data is important. Treat it that way.
  • Why Protect Your Data?

    Without it, all sorts of bad things happen. Money stops flowing. Customer history is lost, including outstanding balances and passwords. Taxes collected are lost. Customers may not be able to login. Unfortunately, we speak with customers on a regular basis who have lost their data and have to revert to backups that are outdated or worse, rekey their customer data.

  • Why Platypus Online Backup?

    Professionals who understand what data to backup Remotely Configured Initial Test Restore Regular Monitoring and Notification Backup Troubleshooting Assistance Assisted Restore Access to the last 30 days of backup history

  • Protect Against:

    Hardware Failure
    Natural Disasters
    Malicious Employees

  • Setup Fee:

    $125 - Includes setup and restore testing.
    Monthly Rate:$49.95 per Month - 5GB Online Storage
    $1.49 per 1GB over 5GB
    Restoration Fee: $125 per hour with 1 hour minimum, plus cost of media (if required)