15 April 2009,

Join WiNOG and Platypus in May for a free technical conference, featuring:

Exclusive information about the BTOP Grant Funding Program

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has allocated over $7 billion to the development of broadband infrastructure in rural and underserved areas in the United States.  The US Congress appropriated $4.7 billion to establish a Broadband Technology Opportunities Program for awards to eligible entities…

Platypus Q&A with Grant Spradling, Product Manger, Platypus

Platypus Product Manager, Grant Spradling, will be hosting an interactive Q&A session to solicit user feedback and to discuss upcoming features and enhancements on the Platypus roadmap.

OUTSIDE-IMPACTS Strategic Marketing

As the market demand for access connectivity has matured and evolved, Service Providers are learning that differentiation on the basis of technological prowess and knowledge is no longer sufficient in today’s competitive markets.  The days of waiting for the phone to ring are over…

Licensed Solutions, WiMAX, Motorola Canopy Technical Training and more…


May 4th – Oklahoma City, OK
May 5th – Dallas, TX
May 6th – Houston, TX
May 7th – San Antonio, TX

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