23 July 2009,

After migrating away from the Tucows based forums (discuss.tucows.com), I wanted to rethink the Platypus Forums prior to relaunching.  Many forums have avid users that love to help new users learn to use a particular piece of software, solve technical problems or provide value to an existing product.

As I thought about our forums and which of the above items would bring the most value to our customer base, it seems that describing the way people are using our software to work for their business provides the most value back to the community.  Therefore, the initial relaunch of the forums is focused on integrating with external systems.  We wanted to kick off this launch with the integration of Motorola Canopy Prizm and get feedback from our users on the integration (another way to add value in a forum fashion).

We are encouraging our users to share the integrations that they have written or how they are using the software in a particular way to solve a specific industry need.

We may open the forums to other types of discussion in the future, such as feedback on future feature development, beta builds and “How Tos”.

For now, support will continue to be handled via email and phone and will not be provided on the forum.

We want to build a community environment around Platypus, so join in!  The forums can be found at http://forums.ispbilling.com.

Grant Spradling, Product Manager, Platypus

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