19 November 2008,

Service Providers Benefit as IP Pay and Platypus Create Strategic Partnership

Integrated telecom-industry specific payment processing solution increases merchant convenience, eliminates the middleman payment gateway and optimizes Interchange cost savings

SAN JOSE, Nov. 18 – IP Pay, the industry leader for integrated telecom payment solutions, today announced a partnership with Tucows, the developer of the Platypus Billing Software Application. Through this partnership, IP Pay payment technology will be directly integrated into Platypus, eliminating the third-party gateway and giving Platypus users the ability participate in industry-specific “emerging market” programs that have traditionally been limited to large players like AT&T and Comcast.

“The Payment Card Associations, recognizing the unique nature of the recurring service provider business model, have created programs that reward service providers with lower Interchange rates,” says Charles Wu, President of IP Pay. “Unfortunately, only the largest players who are aware of these programs can afford the overhead of direct processor connections required for participation. Most service providers use third-party gateways, get drowned out in a larger pool of e-commerce merchants and pay higher rates than they should. By cutting out the middleman gateway, we aggregate and provide Platypus users direct processor integration that ensures seamless and safe card-based transactions.”

Layne Sisk, President of ServerPlus states “I can tell you that we have never had this type of service or this low of a price from a merchant processor. We have integrated IP Pay with Platypus and it has functioned flawlessly. The only difference we have seen is that we are getting our money quicker and keeping more of it, both good things.”

Platypus, a service from Tucows, has been designed to alleviate the billing challenges that Service Providers and Hosting companies face. Platypus handles billing and collection duties, organizes the customer base, allows web-based customer self-management and more.

Grant Spradling, Product Manager of Platypus says that he appreciates the fact that IP Pay answers the phone. “With IP Pay, we know that someone will work with us to solve customer problems,” says Spradling. “I think service providers are pleased to have a point of contact at Platypus and IP Pay who won’t point fingers at the other guy.”

IP Pay’s comprehensive solutions are developed and supported completely in-house by IP Pay experts who understand the unique nature of the Telecom and card-not-present space, resulting in a unique 360-degree view of the entire payment transaction. Each solution includes all of the critical products and services that define successful integrated payment processing:

  • Free, feature-rich, fast and dependable payment technology
  • Seamless and secure transaction processing
  • Free developer kit and integration/certification services
  • PA-DSS/PCI-DSS validation services for software developers and their customers
  • Dedicated account managers for developers and their resellers
  • Marketing services to promote the integrated solution to customers
  • Free, unlimited technical support from experts familiar with the specific solution.

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About IP Pay
IP Pay, a division of Convergence Technologies Inc, combines real-time credit card processing, online payment capabilities and merchant account services for the Telecom and Card-Not-Present space into one simplified solution. IP Pay provides a single source solution for front-end authorization, back-end clearing and settlement and merchant accounting, allowing it to handle transactions from end-to-end without multiple-party involvement. Using IP Pay, service providers gain the ability to leverage their existing customer base and network infrastructure to increase ARPU 50-80% without CAPEX requirements on business customers. Visit http://www.ippay.com/index.php?q=platypustucows for more information.

About CTI
CTI has enabled advanced broadband service by providing infrastructure solutions and services to service providers and network operators throughout North America since 2001. CTI provides a comprehensive offering that includes last mile, backhaul, layer 3, QoS, EF&I and financing solutions custom-tailored to the service provider’s needs. Visit http://www.cticonnect.com for more information.

About Platypus
Platypus is a subscriber management, billing and provisioning software for Service Providers. Visit https://ispbilling.com for more information.

About Tucows
Tucows is a global Internet services company.
OpenSRS manages over 8 million domain names and millions of email boxes through a reseller network of over 9,000 web hosts and ISPs. Our Retail group sells services directly to consumers and small business through Domain Direct, It’s Your Domain and NetIdentity. YummyNames owns premium domain names that generate revenue through advertising or resale. Butterscotch.com is an online video network building on the foundation of Tucows.com.

More information can be found at http://www.tucowsinc.com.

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