16 July 2012,

Automate the management and control over your network

For years, Platypus has been able to integrate with external systems, such as RADIUS, to manage bandwidth for end users. This could be done in various configurations, depending on the equipment present on the network. While this solution works well, it does have a learning curve that many WISPs do not have the manpower to master. In addition, it can’t be used to manage the bandwidth for the ENTIRE network and usage information isn’t always available.

In order to provide a bandwidth management service that is simple to use and deploy, Platypus has partnered with The Mesh Networks to provide a hardware solution called The NetProfit™ System that is capable of managing not only individual end users, but your network bandwidth as a whole. This hardware solution is deployed between the Internet and your end users and controls the speed at the head end of the network.  This system is fully integrated into the Platypus ISP Billing System and once installed the global settings for each tier can be a “Set & Forget” operation.

User Features:

  • Integrated Speed Control for Customers
  • Usage Tracking
  • Monthly Bandwidth Limits
  • Usage Notifications
  • Usage Based Billing
  • Automated Disconnects
  • Captive Portal for Non-Payment
  • IP or Username (DHCP) Based Configuration
  • Simplifies Customer Installation
  • Online Upgrade Capability for Customers

Network Features:

  • Gateway and Traffic Controller Hardware
  • Cloud-based Configuration
  • Increased Quality of Service (QOS) for All Users
  • Addresses Abuse Issues
  • Ideal for Enforcing Speed Limits with Mixed Equipment
  • Dynamic Quotas

We are currently looking for WISPs who are interested in deploying this system on their network.  As an incentive, we will provide the first 60 days of service at no charge to the first few eligible customers.  Please contact support or sales if you are interested in trying this solution in your environment.

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