27 August 2019

FreeRADIUS 3 Integration Released

27 August 2019,

An updated integration script for installing and configuring FreeRADIUS 3 has been released to the support site. The integration is currently supported on the […]

6 March 2014

FreeRADIUS Tips and Tricks

6 March 2014,

Strip a Domain off of a Username before Authenticating Modify /usr/local/etc/raddb/hints Add the following to the end of the file where @realm.com is the […]

8 May 2013

Cacti and Simple DNS Plus Integrations

8 May 2013,

Two new integrations have been posted in the integrations section of the support site (https://support.ispbilling.com). Cacti – (http://www.cacti.net) is a complete network graphing solution […]

8 October 2012

MikroTik/RADIUS Integration

8 October 2012,

In preparation for our MikroTik MUM show last week in New Orleans, we wrote an integration guide for using MikroTik in conjunction with Platypus […]

16 July 2012

New Bandwidth Management Option

16 July 2012,

Automate the management and control over your network For years, Platypus has been able to integrate with external systems, such as RADIUS, to manage […]