23 July 2009,

Posted today in our forums is an integration with Motorola Canopy via their Prizm software.

The integration allows Subscriber Modules to be managed as a service by Platypus via the Prizm API.  Subscriber Modules are added, suspended, reactivated and deleted as the Platypus service is added, suspended, reactivated and deleted, allowing automatic, real-time provisioning to occur.

Bandwidth Service Plans in Prizm are also supported and can be directly related to the billing plans within Platypus.  This ensures that customers are paying for the level of service that they are receiving and also allows customers to upgrade their plans online without contacting your sales team.

A web interface to the Subscriber Module is also made available via a single click from within the Platypus interface, saving your customer service representatives valuable time troubleshooting.

We are requiring registration for the forums, so visit http://forums.ispbilling.com and register to gain access to this integration!

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